Cody's Crew Foundation
Shell City
Shell City
Is our little store. This is where we will be offering our wares. Some of you may recognize the name from the Sponge Bob Movie. Cody could recite the whole movie word for word.

New Cody's Crew Apparel
Is now in.

                  Short Sleeve T's                                                     Long Sleeve T's
                     Hoodies and Sweats                                            Cody's Crew Logo

All of our items are of the finest quality pigment dye designed by Barry Chovinard. They are beautiful! We have all of these items in adult unisex and children sizes. We also have long and short sleeve T's in womens sizes. They are now available for purchase.

Note: Adult small and all Children's sized hoodies have logo on the back.

Sweat Shirt
Long Sleeve T
Short Sleeve T
Childrens Long Sleeve T
Childrens Short Sleeve T


Our new Cody's Crew wrist bands are in. They are $2.50 plus shipping and handling.
Here is the sizing chart. On a
piece of paper mark these 3 lengths and cut them out. Please remember that the child size is pretty small.





Length Around

8 3/8”

7 3/8”

5 7/8”









As we kick off our website fund raising this is the first item we are offering. Everyone knows that Lance Armstrong has the yellow arm bands and that Breast Cancer ribbons are pink. Many people don't know that gold is the color for Childhood Cancer. So, here are the pins we have for sale. Diane and I tried very hard to get a good picture and this is the best we could come up with. The pins are just a little smaller than the size of a quarter. We are offering these pins for $2 each. If you are interested please fill out the form below and how many you would like. I will email you with shipping costs. It shouldn't be very much.

Here is our new Cody's Crew bumper sticker.. Show that you are a crew member and spread the word about neuroblastoma. Each sticker is $2.50

Number of stickers.

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