Cody's Crew Foundation

Cody’s Crew Mission Statement

We believe that one child lost to neuroblastoma is one child too many. Our mission is to help fund the brightest and best doctors and scientists who are working towards new treatments and a possible cure for neuroblastoma. In addition, Cody's Crew will donate comfort items to families currently undergoing childhood cancer treatment. Many childhood cancers benefit from the research devoted to their adult counterpart.  Neuroblastoma has no adult counterpart - adults are not affected. Therefore, this further reduces the chances of funding and finding a cure. We are devoted to ensuring that the money raised by this foundation goes to neuroblastoma research.

Meet Cody's Crew!

        President: Dan Clarke
Vice President: Mickey Johnson
        Treasure: Diane Johnson
       Secretary: Karen Drago
      Committee: Kate Abbott
                         Debbie Barlow
                         Trish Lang

                         Glen Mizelle
                         Lori Rusteikas
                         Karen Sanchez
                         Dustin Sanchez
                         Andy Strong
                         Nancy Tebell
                         Cathy White
                         Antoinette Landragin
                         Jon Katz