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Hi I'm Cody, I was born September 11, 2002. On my second birthday I was diagnosed with Stage IV neuroblastoma. We call it the beast. I fought and fought the beast for many years. We used chemo therapy, stem cell transplant and some very painful and toxic drugs that seemed to help me knock the beast down. But the beast came back in November 2007. This time the beast was tougher than ever. The doctors used many of the same chemo and drugs to help me fight the beast again. But this time the beast was used to the those drugs and was much stronger. I was tough and I did not give up. I battled the beast until March 6, 2009 when my little body couldn't take it anymore.

Would you like to join my crew and help continue my battle? There are many children like me who are very strong but are just no match for the beast. We need your help. There are many smart doctors out there who have great ideas but need funding for their research. Most money donated to cancer research goes to adult cancers. The money donated here goes specifically for neuroblastoma research and not administration fees.
My mommy and daddy will make sure of that.

Cody's Story

Follow Cody and his family's incredible journey through life with neuroblastoma. Click on the link below and it will take you to the archives section of Days in the Life. Days in the life is a blog that Cody's father has been writing for years. It chronicles the day to day heart breaking journey of a family dealing with a child who has neuroblastoma.

Click the link and scroll down to start the journey. Read each post and move up to stay in chronological order.

Days in the Life!

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